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Just Served With Divorce Papers…

For many people, being served with divorce papers can be scary and unexpected. For others, it may be something that was expected from their partner. I usually hear the confusion and the scared voice in a client’s initial call. The most important thing I tell a client is a response is needed immediately, not just move the process along, but also because it is required by law. Once you have been served with divorce papers you have 20 days to respond.

Ignoring the paperwork you have been served with is the WORST thing a person can do. If you do not respond to the paperwork you are only digging yourself into a deeper and more costly hole.

So if you have been served with divorce papers you need to take action and not ignore what is going on and thing it will go away. The best option is to find a family law attorney who you feel comfortable with and can trust. Unfortunately, this may not be what you want, but you have to move forward and address the current situation.