moving with kids

Relocation with Minor Child or Children- Florida Family Law Statute 61.13001

So you have been divorce or you have gone through a custody case and now you want to move more than the statutory 50 miles, so what do you? If you find your self in this position you have to follow Florida Family Law Statute 61.13001 dealing with Parental relocation with a child.

If the other parent and yourself are in agreement of you moving than this may be a painless process.

However, generally both parties are not in agreement and the court would have to make the decision for the parties

The worst thing a parent can do is relocate more than the 50 miles allowed by the statute and then petition the court.

Not only must you follow the statute but you have to follow other aspects of the Florida Family Law Statutes and the Rules of Evidence if an agreement can’t be reached in mediation.