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Geraldo Rivera: Are You Crazy?

It is unfortunate that a man in a newsworthy position such as Geraldo Rivera uses his position to make foolish, and what I believe to be, ignorant statements regarding a tragedy that led to a child’s untimely death. ( See

Under Geraldo Rivera’s hypothesis that he vocally stated on the air and in writing, Trayvon Martin would not have died but for his….hoodie???

No…in my opinion this is far from accurate.  Trayvon Martin’s death is an example of race relation issues that still exist in this country today.  Trayvon Martin’s death was caused by a man with a gun who ignored the advice of a 911 dispatcher and took what he thought was the law into his own hands.  However, Trayvon Martin had done nothing wrong and the law had no reason to be invoked.

I am disheartened by the ignorant comment made by Geraldo Rivera regarding the child’s choice in clothing being the cause of his death and not the man that shot him.  We teach children not to judge a book by its cover and it is a sad day when an adult cannot follow this simple lesson.  Clothing does not dictate who a person is on the inside but is simply a form of free expression and protecting you from the elements of the weather; a hoodie is a form of protection from the rain, and yes Geraldo Rivera it was raining.




Trayvon Martin: A Child is Dead.

No matter what happens in this case a child is dead. He is dead because an individual is claiming he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Not only do you have a dead child, but you also have a community that is outraged; when that child was killed no immediate action was taken by the police, and as a result the State Attorney's Office has not been able to open a case against Mr. Zimmerman. Currently, there is an ongoing investigation about the shooting and it will be sent to a grand jury to see if there is enough evidence against Mr. Zimmerman to proceed.

This is a situation that can get out of control very quickly if the appropriate action is not taken in a reasonable time period.  The city of Sanford has been, and will continue, to face tough scrutiny if appropriate measures are not taken.

How would you feel if your child was killed and the person who was responsible for the shooting is walking free?