Pre and Postnuptial agreements

Family Law- “Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

Prior to and during law school I was trying to figure out what area of law I wanted to practice. As time progressed and experience was gained, I narrowed down the large umbrella that encompasses the area of “law” that I wanted to practice. My experience as a middle school and high school classroom teacher prior to entering the practice of law helped mold my decision regarding where to aim my focus. Although I am knowledgeable and capable of practicing in several areas of law, I am focused on four specific categories: Family Law, Criminal Law, Social Security Law and Animal Law. I will write more about each of these areas of law in other posts, but today I am going to focus on Family Law.

Family Law is enormous and complex. The reason I chose Family law is because of my past and my experience as a teacher. One of the reasons I went to law school was to advocate/work for children and families. Following is a list of just some of the more common areas of Family Law:

1.     Adoption

2.     Alimony

3.     Annulments

4.     Child Abuse

5.     Child Custody (time sharing)

6.     Child support

7.     Divorce

8.     Domestic Violence

9.     Guardianship

10.  Name Changes

11.  Pre and Postnuptial agreements

12.  Surrogacy

13.  Visitation

The first hand experience I gained from students as a classroom teacher was invaluable, and oftentimes simply disheartening. I want to make sure that when I assist a parent in obtaining a divorce that the child’s perspective is not lost in the process. In addition to my experience as a teacher, I also volunteered my time with a legal aid office. Working in a legal aid office allowed me to understand and see first hand what happens to people who want to get a divorce but cannot afford assistance. This experience was invaluable and will stay with me for a long period of time, because as an attorney I understand I am in a position of power, and as a result I must advocate for clients or potential clients who may not have the funds to pay for a divorce but are in desperate need of assistance.  On the flip side, I also have experience in handling cases for clients who do not have the same financial hardship as a large portion of our population. During law school I was fortunate to work with a seasoned attorney who worked with clients who were affluent and able afford an attorney to assist them in obtaining a divorce. Those clients’ major concern was not paying attorney fees, but how to best sort through their pension funds, the investment properties, the businesses, and other valuable assets.

Family Law is something I enjoy practicing and I believe my above experience will benefit my clients dealing with family related legal and social issues.  I am a firm believer in well rounded representation and I hope that my clients will appreciate my desire to help them with not just their legal needs, but also with their family’s social needs in adjusting to whatever changes are occurring.  Family is the center of most people’s lives and therefore I feel the field of Family Law is one of vital importance and I am honored to be able to practice in a profession that allows me to assist clients and their families.