Fostering a Pet…

bnr-foster-homes-petsJust recently my wife and I found 2 dogs running around our neighborhood. After going around the neighborhood that same evening for 2 hours, posting lost dogs posters, calling local shelters and vets and not locating their owners, we decided it was time for us to find a forever home for these two pets.

After a month of fostering these two puppies and taking them to the vet for their checkup it was difficult to let them go; however, at the same time it was a relief to find them a family with 2 young children willing to adopt them.

In the end, fostering these 2 puppies made me realize how strongly these creatures need us for survival and how strongly we need them for companionship.

If you have the time and space, you may consider fostering

By the End of the Year….

dogwig-cutAs an attorney who loves animals and tries to protect them anyway possible, I was excited a few weeks ago when I attended “Barry Law Animal Law Conference” on October 18, 2013. I was not able to attend the entire day because I had, and continue to have, a lot on my plate but I was able to see Steve Wise speak. This was not the first time or the last time I will hear him speak. However, this time was a little different because he was talking about the “Nonhuman Rights Project” and their goals. (

The Nonhuman Rights Project’s goal is:

“The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own. Our mission is to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere ‘things,’ which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to ‘persons,’ who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty, and those other legal rights to which evolving standards of morality, scientific discovery, and human experience entitle them.”

Mr. Wise did an excellent job explaining not only the purpose of the project but also, his work and origin and the future of the Nonhuman Rights Project. What excited me the most was the work, time, energy and proposal that this organization has done and will continue to do. Furthermore, Mr. Wise stated that the first lawsuit will be filed before the end of 2013 based on the common law writ of habeas corpus.

Per the Nonhuman Rights Project site a Writ of Habeas Corpus:

“… requires that anyone who is holding another person in detention must show cause as to why they have the right to do this. It has been used, for example, to challenge the legality of a person’s detention requiring the jailer or slave owner to show just cause as to why that person is being detained. If the jailer or slave owner could not show just cause, then the detained person would be released. Habeas corpus was incorporated into the law of the American colonies and, later, the American states as part of English common law. Habeas corpus remedies every illegal restraint, public or private, wherever and however it may occur. A petitioner who could demonstrate probable cause through verified affidavit that his detention was unlawful was entitled to a writ of habeas corpus as a matter of right, and no court could legally deny it. Because in many instances, the detainee will not have the ability to seek the writ on her own, due to the very fact of her detention, the writ can be brought on behalf of the detainee by a third-party.”

The Nonhuman Rights Project has broken down all of the States in the USA and each state’s position via the common law, statutory interpretation, and appellate rulings on the legal theory of Writ of Habeas Corpus.

I am excited to see what is going to happen in the next 10 weeks and see where the Nonhuman Rights Project will file their first case.

Missing Deltona Mom and Kids are Found Dead

MissingMomAfter a young mom and her two kids went missing earlier this week, it is being reported by local authorities that they are deceased. (,0,4082672,full.story) There have been reports that the young mom and her husband were involved in domestic violence issues, which includes an arrest of domestic violence battery charges. Furthermore, there have been reports that the parties were on the path of divorce.

If you know anyone who may be involved in a situation where there is domestic violence they MUST report it to the authorities and they MUST take proactive steps to protect themselves, their children and their pets.

Custody Battles can be Nasty

childcustody2094As an attorney, I see first hand the issues that come up in custody battles. Unfortunately, parents cannot put aside their hatred and anger towards each other and use the children as pawns in their unending quest to one up the other. I came across an article that discussed a mother’s abortion and how it was used in a custody case in New York. (see article:

I don’t know the details of the case, however, it is an interesting question - should a mother’s abortion be used as evidence in a custody or other family law case?

Don’t Mess With Kim…

kim-jong-un-illustration-chinese-pressApparently, North Korea’s Leader, Kim Jong U, had his former girlfriend, along with approximately 11 other people, executed by firing squad around August 20, 2013. ( They were charged with having sex on camera and were sentenced to death while their families looked on. If this is a true story than I am sorry for the family members who had to watch their loved ones being executed for alleged acts. This is just another reason why it is great to live in the United States.

Gator Football and Family

florida_gators_dcAs we embark on another fun filled year of Gator Football, I realize that college football season is not just a great time of year but a time for family and friends to get together. In our “extended” household we reconnect with friends and family that we may not see on a regular basis but we know every Saturday starting at the end of August until sometime the beginning of December it is Gator time.

We are just not proud alumni from the States Flagship University but we have a connection that brings us together. I hope this College Football Season brings you and your family and friends closer. Go Gators!!!

First Day of School

happy_first_day_of_school_card-p137598077267411672q53o_400As we approach the first day of school for many students and teachers in Central Florida, I wish everyone a successful and positive school year. As a former teacher, the first day is usually a fun and exciting time to see the new students. As an advocate for life long learning, I am a firm believer that the school year represents the beginning for many students as a pathway to success. The greatest tool to move up in social and economic status in the United States is education. So as you and your kids get ready for Monday remind them this is the way to a better life and something that can never be taken away.

Usher, Ms. Foster, and their Child….

UsherPicAs the minor child that the couple has together almost lost his life in a pool accident, Usher’s former Wife has filed an Emergency Motion for Temporary Custody (See Copy of Motion and Notice of Hearing, Courtesy of E!) As the hearing is set for today at 2:00pm the court will have to weigh many factors in making a decision.

Ultimately, whatever happens today the parents of the minor child should be happy that their child is still alive.

Hall of Fame and Life

educationSo as I as watching the 2013 NFL Hall Fame Class Induction, my interest was peaked when I heard how Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter talked about his life. More specifically, his focus on his mother and how at the age of 17 or so she dropped out of high school and raised her children. However, by the age of 50 she had graduated high school, college, and earned a masters degree. I am a firm believer of education and I think it is wonderful what Miss Carter has accomplished. She is an example of the age old saying it’s never too late to get an education.

OMG Weiner?

weinerSo Anthony Weiner was caught sending pictures of his private parts and ended up resigning as a politician. Time passes and then he decides to run for another political office and he has more pictures of his private parts that surface; this, as of now, he has not resigned. I do not doubt that Mr. Weiner will pull out of the race in New York but what does he do from this point forward? I would suggest that counseling and therapy should be his first priority. I believe Mr. Weiner needs to address his personal situation before he can help others. Whatever happens with Mr. Weiner, I wish his family the best and hopefully, they can move forward with their lives.