Family Law

Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL Canines

k9WarriorBlogAfter seeing a segment on 60 minutes almost a year ago I had the pleasure of finishing this book. This was a great book on the interaction and the necessity of military dogs in aiding the United States, not just during war but our daily lives. There were many sub stories in this book but the underlying theme of the book is TRUST. If the working dog trusts his handler than he will go to the ends of the earth to protect and fight for his handler. TRUST goes far in any relationship but is critical when you are dealing with lives.

Oh You HOA…..

HOA-PoliceSo you think you had HOA problems living in Orlando? Well, according to a military family in Lafayette, Louisiana, apparently their “Welcome Home” banner does not meet the specifications of the HOA.  

Here is the article:’s-‘welcome-home’-banner-193538586.html


If you have the pleasure of living in an area of Orlando where the HOA is present and active, sometimes you wonder who has time in their day to be concerned over petty issues and is this just a way for them to pass the time?  In life you have to pick and choose your battles and I think the HOA in Lafayette, Louisiana should avoid fighting over a “Welcome Home” banner.  That’s just my two cents….

It’s all about Relationships!

RelationshipsandDogAs we are coming off this 2014 Valentine’s Day celebration, I wanted to take a minute and share an article I read about a dog being rescued and the new relationship she has with her new caretaker. (


Essentially, the most important part of the article is in the form of a letter from the dog’s current owner to the dog’s previous owner. ( It explains how being in a positive relationship can impact the health of those involved and that we can overcome bad relationships with good relationships. Being in a relationship where both sides are VALUED will help create a long-lasting and happy relationship. So as we venture into our daily routines think about the relationships you have and whether they are valued.


Veterans Day









As another Veterans Day arrives it is important for us to take the time and remember those who have served, those who are currently serving, and their families.  The sacrifices that soldiers and their families have made are noble and allow everyday Americans to live, work, and play in the United States.  Take a few moments today to remember the Veterans of these United States who have given so much because we can never repay them for their service.

Fostering a Pet…

bnr-foster-homes-petsJust recently my wife and I found 2 dogs running around our neighborhood. After going around the neighborhood that same evening for 2 hours, posting lost dogs posters, calling local shelters and vets and not locating their owners, we decided it was time for us to find a forever home for these two pets.

After a month of fostering these two puppies and taking them to the vet for their checkup it was difficult to let them go; however, at the same time it was a relief to find them a family with 2 young children willing to adopt them.

In the end, fostering these 2 puppies made me realize how strongly these creatures need us for survival and how strongly we need them for companionship.

If you have the time and space, you may consider fostering

Custody Battles can be Nasty

childcustody2094As an attorney, I see first hand the issues that come up in custody battles. Unfortunately, parents cannot put aside their hatred and anger towards each other and use the children as pawns in their unending quest to one up the other. I came across an article that discussed a mother’s abortion and how it was used in a custody case in New York. (see article:

I don’t know the details of the case, however, it is an interesting question - should a mother’s abortion be used as evidence in a custody or other family law case?

Gator Football and Family

florida_gators_dcAs we embark on another fun filled year of Gator Football, I realize that college football season is not just a great time of year but a time for family and friends to get together. In our “extended” household we reconnect with friends and family that we may not see on a regular basis but we know every Saturday starting at the end of August until sometime the beginning of December it is Gator time.

We are just not proud alumni from the States Flagship University but we have a connection that brings us together. I hope this College Football Season brings you and your family and friends closer. Go Gators!!!

First Day of School

happy_first_day_of_school_card-p137598077267411672q53o_400As we approach the first day of school for many students and teachers in Central Florida, I wish everyone a successful and positive school year. As a former teacher, the first day is usually a fun and exciting time to see the new students. As an advocate for life long learning, I am a firm believer that the school year represents the beginning for many students as a pathway to success. The greatest tool to move up in social and economic status in the United States is education. So as you and your kids get ready for Monday remind them this is the way to a better life and something that can never be taken away.

Usher, Ms. Foster, and their Child….

UsherPicAs the minor child that the couple has together almost lost his life in a pool accident, Usher’s former Wife has filed an Emergency Motion for Temporary Custody (See Copy of Motion and Notice of Hearing, Courtesy of E!) As the hearing is set for today at 2:00pm the court will have to weigh many factors in making a decision.

Ultimately, whatever happens today the parents of the minor child should be happy that their child is still alive.

What if.....

babyimageAs the new royal baby has arrived, the thought that crosses my mind is what happens if all babies were to feel this kind of love, not just at birth but throughout their lives? ( I believe that kids are mostly shaped by their environment and their environment can aid them in becoming successful adults or it can lead down the wrong road. However, ultimately, everyone has to make choices and ALL kids reach a point in their life where THEY have to make their choice, but what if those choices are aided with unfeathering support and love, what kind of world would we live in?

I guess everyone would be a prince and a princess….