The Boxing Kangaroo

Kangaroo Boxing: Animals in Entertainment or Animal Abuse?

The University of Central Florida’s arena is housing the Piccadilly Circus.  For many the circus brings great joy and excitement, but for others the entertainment value is destroyed by the often harsh treatment of the animals.  This year the Piccadilly Circus brings along with it a boxing kangaroo! Yes, a boxing Kangaroo--you don’t believe me please read:

“Real family fun!
Piccadilly Circus is celebrating 25 years of entertaining families across America, and has pulled                               out all the stops to make this year's edition the greatest! Elephant Extravaganzas, the Boxing Kangaroo,                                    Motorcycle Madness, Outstanding Acrobats, and the World's Funniest Clowns! Plus elephant and pony rides, and a Kid's Fun Zone!

Tickets on sale now!”                                                                       (source:

I understand everyone needs to make a living but if you are going to have a “simulated combat sport” make sure the participants are willing and are able to consent and not animals who are “forced” to work. Animals who are used in entertainment and are forced to do “shows” that require them to “fight” a human being, in my eyes are being mistreated.  In my opinion, those who sponsor such events should be careful of what message they are portraying in the public eye.  After protest by the People of Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) a Texas “kangaroo boxing” show sponsored by KRAFT Food was cancelled.  ( See:

My suggestion is the University of Central Florida needs to think about branding and how important it is to the school, not only in the State of Florida but also on a national level.  When it comes to animals and potential abuse of animals it is a smart thing to stay far away from anything that may even seem like abuse. (see wftv video report:

Although some may overlook or simply not understand the problem with the treatment of many animals used in entertainment, I am unable to turn a blind eye.  As a strong animal lover and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, I am unwilling to show support for the use of a Kangaroo as a boxer against a human being; the Kangaroo has no power to say “No” and so I feel it is my duty to speak up and say this is simply not right, and an animal should not be made to do things outside of its natural way of living.  Making a living is a need for all human beings but I believe there are always ways to make a living that do not involve the exploitation of animals such as the Boxing Kangaroo.