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I don’t need an attorney …

When I hear a potential client say this phrase “I feel for them...” Unfortunately, some may think navigating the Family Court System can be easy and will be as simple as an Law Order episode. The fact of the matter is that the Florida Family Court system can be confusing and overwhelming and this does not take into consideration the Statutory and the Case law that goes along with navigating the system. Also, don’t forget about each Judge and their likes and dislikes. The fact of the matter is that navigating the court system is not a game and once a judge makes a decision on your matter you don’t get a redo unless you are able to appeal.

If you can’t find an attorney to assist you with your entire case sometimes having an attorney assist you in a portion of your case may be beneficial.

Child Support- It cost money to raise a child....














What is Child Support?

Child support is for the child. Theoretically, when parents are no longer together each parent contributes to the raising of that child. Payments are used for housing, food, clothing, and other expenses that are needed to raise a child. Usually, the amount that is given from one parent to another is just for the basics and much more money is really needed.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Child Support is calculated under Florida Statute 61.30 and is based on both parties’ income and the time each parent spends with the child. Essentially, if the minor child is with one parent that parent is providing the necessities of life. There are child support guidelines the court follows when calculating child support and when one parent is not working the income that may be used is minimum wage for that parent.

Can it be Changed?

Child support can always be modified if a parent’s income goes up or goes down. Generally, the parent who is making more or less money should tell the other party about his or her situation. Child support is for the benefit of the child and support the child is supposed to receive as though the parents had not separated. However, there has to be a certain amount of change for modification to occur.