Orlando Child Custody Attorney

I don’t need an attorney …

When I hear a potential client say this phrase “I feel for them...” Unfortunately, some may think navigating the Family Court System can be easy and will be as simple as an Law Order episode. The fact of the matter is that the Florida Family Court system can be confusing and overwhelming and this does not take into consideration the Statutory and the Case law that goes along with navigating the system. Also, don’t forget about each Judge and their likes and dislikes. The fact of the matter is that navigating the court system is not a game and once a judge makes a decision on your matter you don’t get a redo unless you are able to appeal.

If you can’t find an attorney to assist you with your entire case sometimes having an attorney assist you in a portion of your case may be beneficial.

Maury....You ________ the Father!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the State of Florida, Paternity can be established through a variety of means. One way is governed by Florida Statute 742.12  Scientific testing to determine paternity.--

“In any proceeding to establish paternity, the court on its own motion may require the child, mother, and alleged fathers to submit to scientific tests that are generally acceptable within the scientific community to show a probability of paternity. The court shall direct that the tests be conducted by a qualified technical laboratory.”

Through Marriage

Any child born during the course of an intact marriage raises a presumption that the husband is the legal and biological father of the child and as a result all of the rights and obligations fall on the husband. This type of paternity can be overcome but remember it is public policy to make sure that each child has a “Father.”

Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Child Support

This is the type of case that I see quite often. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are together and boyfriend signs the birth certificate and along with the girlfriend provides support for the minor child. After a while the parties decide to break up and one party applies for public assistance. At that time, the Department of Revenue will get involved to make sure the parent who is applying for public assistance is receiving the necessary child support payments. During the relationship, or after DOR is involved, paternity is generally established, because before child support is placed on someone paternity has to be determined.