You can make a difference!!! Sometimes you can feel that the world has too many problems and that you are powerless to fix all the problems that exist. One of my passions is animals and I just saw a great story of young photographer, Lauren Eggert, ( Essentially, Lauren makes the point that companion animals that are in shelters may not portray their true selves while in care upon initial viewing.  Through her photographs she brings to light an animals true personality to shed light on the companion animal that exists beneath what may appear to be a scared or stand offish animal.  She is advocating for these companion animals through her blog.


Lauren Eggert, is an EXCELLENT example of someone who takes a negative, which are dogs that are in shelter, and makes it positive by showing a different side, or the real side, of these companion animals.  Sometimes life can be overwhelming and you may not be making a difference but remember every little bit helps!


Don’t’ forget Adoption is a Great Option for a life long friend.