Michael Jordan and Paternity Suit: Oh My!!!

So one of my favorite basketball players of all time, MJ, has been hit with a paternity suit in the state of Georgia by Pamela Smith. According to TMZ, (http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/28/michael-jordan-sued-lawsuit-alleged-baby-mama-child-support/) Pamela Smith alleges that MJ had a relationship with her, which resulted in a son being born in June of 1996. If the facts are true, MJ has a financially responsibility to assist this child and may need to begin developing a relationship. Generally, in the state of Florida, the most a parent can generally receive is 2 years of back child support. Also, in the state of Florida, the courts or the parties can agree when the parents will see the child and all of the other child raising issues.

I guess we will see how this plays out in the court or we may never know if it is done confidentially.