“Teen Mom Star Jenelle Files Charges Against Husband”

Although the MTV hit show Teen Mom has had its fair share of criticism, I do believe that at times the show shows a real life example of possible issues young parents can face. Not only are the teen mothers stressed about life, but it shows the fathers that are present dealing with life as a teen dad, as well. I know many have stated it makes it seem like teen pregnancy is acceptable, however I believe that teen pregnancy is a reality and this show at least shows some of the struggles that may occur. Jenelle, a star of Teen Mom who has faced her share of legal, financial, family and life issues, is now back in the spotlight. Apparently, she has gotten married and is on her way out of the marriage bliss. (http://theclicker.today.com/_news/2013/01/23/16663477-teen-mom-2-star-jenelle-files-assault-charges-against-husband) These issues that Jenelle is facing are not novel issues but issues that the average person can face.

Ultimately, regardless of your position on the show, these are real life events that teenagers and adults face, except these “teen moms” are having their issues played out in the public spotlight. One can only hope that all of the teen parents in our world, those on television and those in our everyday neighborhoods, find the strengthen to grow up quicker than the average teenager in order to continue to be productive members of society.