Motion to Continue: “Because Alabama is playing Notre Dame in the BCS Game”

Yes, Birmingham lawyer Marcus Jones III has filed a Motion to Continue for a trial that is scheduled for January 7, 2013. ( The underlying basis of his Motion for Continuance is that he is a dedicated fan and an “Alabama Football Fanatic.” With Alabama playing on January 7, 2013 for Championship, his motion was granted. (you can read the motion: As an avid Florida Gator Fan and Alumni, I can appreciate Mr. Jones’s feeling towards his team. The Florida Gators would have had a shot to play in the National Championship except for that pesky Florida/Georgia game. (Still love my Gators!) As an avid fan of college football, I know the SEC has produced the last 6 Champions of College Football (the Gators won 2 of those 6). As much as I dislike Bama, I predict they will beat Notre Dame with the final score being 42-21.

Roll tide (Just for January 7, 2013)