China: Parents Taking Kids to Court !!!

Yes. An amendment to the law in China would allow parents to take their child to court if they do not visit them. ( There is no set amount of time a child must visit a parent but give it some time and the courts may interpret and carve out the law. In reality this law may sound great on paper but how is it practical? What would be the consequence of not visiting your parent(s)? Would a child being placed in jail be an appropriate consequence, or what about a fine? What about situations where the parent-child relationship is damaged because of inappropriate actions of a parent? Should these children be required to visit someone that may have abused them as children?

It seems nice in an ideal world, but I do not believe there should be a law that requires a child to visit his/her parent. Although in my life I have had an amazing relationship with my parents and with my mother-in-law, I do recognize that not everyone has that relationship with their parents. I understand the public policy behind the law is but question how such a law can be enforced.