Dog Fighting…

Why? Is the first word that comes to mind when I read or see footage of dog fighting. Well, actually that is not the first word, but it is the first non-expletive word that comes to mind.

Why would people take innocent animals and force and train them to hurt each other? My theory is because people can be the worst representation of creatures on earth; however, I when seeing such images or reading such articles I also have to remind myself that people can also be the best representation of creatures on earth.

I see animals like children; they are innately good, however sometimes they are surrounded by awful people. Just like children, animals can be rehabilitated and some of the damage that was done can be reversed; however, sometimes the damage was so severe that the outcome is irreversible.

As individuals we can be vigilant against both dog fighting and child abuse. Also, as consumers, we can boycott and use our financial power to make statements that those that support such cruelty do not deserve the support of consumers.