“I hurt the woman I said I loved and I am sorry and I hope that one day she does forgive me"

As a Family Law attorney I see EVERYTHING. One particular area of the law I see often in my practice  is “domestic violence.”  Domestic Violence is not only a serious offense but it is also pervasive in our society. There are a surprising number of cases in which a spouse is physically abused by the other spouse. Unfortunately, I was not surprised when I heard about the case where a husband attacked his former wife in the judge’s chambers during a divorce proceeding.  Although the husband needs counseling and help for his behavior, it was no surprise that the husband received 15 years for his actions. As the judge stated, “It was in a court of law where people for hundreds of years have been coming to peaceably resolve

their disputes where people have an expectation of safety — certainly where your former wife thought

she would be safe,” Cohen told Gonzalez during sentencing. “You chose it as a place to viciously assault her.”


If you ever find yourself or a loved one in a situation where violence is taking place, please make sure you seek HELP.

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