Juna M. Pulayya, Attorney at Law

JUNIOR-400x500-2Juna “Junior” Pulayya is a first generation American and is the eldest of three boys. Junior was born in New York, but moved with his family to Orlando, Florida as a freshman in high school. He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in History and a master’s degree in Secondary Social Science Education, making him a double Gator and a first generation college graduate.

After teaching for a few years Mr. Pulayya decided he wanted to do more to help the people and families of Florida. He began law school at Florida A&M College of Law in Orlando, Florida part time and continued to teach for two years while in school. After two years of being a teacher and a law student, Mr. Pulayya switched to the full time program to finish out his law school career. However, prior to graduation he took advantage of every experience possible and he gained valuable experience prosecuting cases at the Orange County State Attorney’s Office as a Certified Legal Intern and volunteering his time working with local lawyers. While advocating for the people of Florida, Mr. Pulayya also focused a great deal of his own time on helping animals and advocating for all members of the family, animals included.

Juna “Junior” Pulayya is dedicated to helping the people and their families.  He is a lawyer that will advocate for your best interests and help you to understand the choices the law provides you and the best options given your specific legal needs. Mr. Pulayya will always put your needs first.

Juna M. Pulayya “Junior”



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